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STN no.10910 dated 9th Nov, 2016 submission date extended to 9th Dec, 2016


National Seminar on "Chemistry in Interdisciplinary Research" organized by Dept. of Chemistry, NU, Lumami

NIT-CO Department of Commerce Building at NU, Kohima campus

NIT-Electrification of Agri Engg & Tech Building at NU, SASRD, Medziphema

Notification to Principals of all colleges affiliated to Nagaland University regarding instructions by the Hon'ble Governor of Nagaland

NIT-CO Agri Engineering Hostel at NU, Medziphema

NIT-CO Metalling and Black Topping of Approach Road & Courtyard at NU, Lumami

Call for Participation in a short course under GIAN


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by Dr. Radut