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NIT - Construction/Installation of Green House in Dept. of Zoology, NU, Lumami

Notice Inviting Tender - Supply of Equipment under BARC funded DTDDF to NU, SASRD, Medziphema

NIT: Dept. of Chemistry - Tender notice for microwave reactor/digester

NIT - Construction/Repair work at NU, Lumami

NIT - Supply of Multimedia Equipment/Video Conferencing Equipment/Office Equipment to NU, Lumami

Corrigendum to NIT No. NU/ENGG-223/SoE/2016-8009, dated 26th April 2017

NIT - CO School of Education Bldg., NU, Kohima Campus, Meriema

STN - Printing of Annual Magazine

Short E-Tender Notice, Printing Prospectus of NU for session 2017-18

Tender Notice:Internal Electrification of Boys’ Hostel at NU, Kohima Campus.

Tender Notice - Supply of Equipment for a project under Dept. of Science & Technology, NU, Lumami

NIT - Supply of Multi Equipment/Video Conference Equipment/I.T. Office Equipment to NU Lumami


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by Dr. Radut