Deans Committee meeting on 19th March, 2019

MHRD office memorandum regarding submission of Immovable Property Return

Notification regarding prevention of plagiarism for Academic Integrity

Dept. of Botany:Final report of UGC Major Reseach Project submitted to UGC

Dept. of Sociology: Offering of course - SOC 20:Sociology of Religion

Ph.D. programme to commence in following departments/centers

NURJ Vol XI: Contribution of research papers/review articles

Publication of NURJ XI: Circular

MHRD notification on Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0

Meeting minutes of the committee constituted to examine the memorandum submitted by NUTA-M and NUNTSA, NU, Medziphema Campus

UGC Notification regarding LTC rules

Approval to offer MOOCS(SWAYAM) course in each department, School of Engineering and Technology

Approval for introduction of Ph.D. course, Dept. of Environmental Science

Approval Ph.D. course work syllabus, Dept. of Environmental Science

Approval for minor modification in Ph.D. course work syllabus, Dept. of Hindi