Nagaland University 25 years Jubilee Logo

Definition of the Silver Jubilee Logo, Nagaland University

The traditional shield signifies the rich culture and traditions of Nagaland. The shield is not of a particular tribe. It is portrayed so as to signify all Naga tribes. The book in the logo signifies education/institute. The book behind the shield is to signify that the University was born within such a rich culture and traditions of Nagaland. The mountains behind the logo represent the hilly state of Nagaland. Within the book, a page is found to be flipping, which represents the progress of knowledge/education. A flying human figure which comes out from the book signifies the spirit of knowledge. The spirit of knowledge links the progress of education and the star which is a symbol of achievement. i.e., 25 years. The beam of light that emits from the star signifies that the achievement will keep on progressing and extending indefinitely.

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