Library, Kohima Campus

The Kohima Nagaland University Library plays a prominent place in the support of education and it is an integral component of the research infrastructure and it plays a correspondingly significant role in ensuring the research excellence of the University. 


1.Total no of books-44,543(Approx)                                                                                                 
2.Total Number of Monograph-1000 
3. List of Journals 
Journals are the back bone of every research activities, the University Library Kohima subscribes the following Journals: 
    (i).Reference Journals 
    (a) University News. 
    (b) Journal of management and technology. 
    (c) Journal of Library and Information technology. 
    (d) Incredible Nagaland tourism. 
    (ii). Journal for Geology Department 
    (a) Journal of earth system science.
    (b) Current science. 
    (c) Indian geological congress.
    (d) Indian mineralogist. 
    (iii). Journal for Education Department 
    (a) British journal of educational psychology.
    (b) Exceptional children. 
    (c) International review of education.                                                                                                 

    (iv). Journal for Commerce Department
    (a) Review accounting research
    (b) Journal Accounting . 
    (v). Journal for English Department 
    (a) Essays in criticism.
    (b) Journal of commonwealth literature. 
    (c) Modern fiction studies. 
    (d) Novel: A fiction studies. 
    (vi). Journal for Hist. & Arch. Department 
    (a) Archaeological dialogues.
    (b) Antiquity. 
    (c) Cambridge archaeological journal.
    (d) Current anthropology. 
    (e) Field archaeology.
    (f) Public archaeology. 
    (g) World archaeology 
4.Facilities available in the library 
a. Xerox Facilities
b. Reference facilities 
c. Lending facilities

5. 'ICT' Facilities 
Nagaland University Kohima is equipped with desktops Computer, Printers Scanner, ID printer etc. All rooms of the Library are connected with local area Network. The SOUL 2.0 Software is installed and is using in the University Library. In the interest of efficiency and effectiveness the Library has installed the new technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). On shifting the Library to the permanent building located at Meriema the facilities for online Journal and other things will be provided. 

Nagaland University has three permanent campuses at Lumami, Kohima and Medziphema and an interim campus at Dimapur each having its own library

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Library, Kohima

The Kohima Nagaland University Library plays a prominent place..

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